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Is a Jeep lift kit or larger tires and wheels in your future? Or is your Jeep Wrangler or CJ just starting to show its age? Perhaps you are enjoying more off-pavement adventures these days. Well, don't forget that upgrading or replacing steering and brake parts can be critical to the performance of your vehicle.

Adding a lift on your Jeep as well as larger tires, or even just using the vehicle for moderate off-road use, can put tremendous stress on factory steering and brake parts. Upgrading to high performance products or accessories like ceramic pads or vented rotors, as well as extreme performance and big brake kits, can easily handle the increased braking requirements of larger tires - and many are simple bolt-on upgrades that do not require cutting or adapters. Also, with plenty of brake hardware parts and brake line kits available, there are tons of options to shore up whatever other needs arise from modifying your Jeep.

Steering componetry can be affected by lift kits as well. Because these kits alter the angle of the vehicle, steering and handling can easily be compromised making for a rough and dangerous ride. This means parts like steering stabilizers, heavier duty steering shafts, linkage kits, heavy duty steering pumps, steering columns and boxes will help bring ride quality back towards stock.

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