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Quadratec - LED Stealth Light Bar
Quadratec Gen II LED Headlights

When it comes to Jeep lighting, all products are definitely not created equal. Halogen, LED and HID all unleash different types of light to help you on your on and off-pavement travels. Whether you are looking at headlight or taillight replacements, or even auxiliary lighting options like fog lights or light bars, today's lighting solutions like LED and HID are much brighter than the stock halogen lights, draw less power, and are more cost efficient than ever before.

Chances are your Jeep came from the factory with standard halogen headlamps, tail lamps and fog lights. Most do because these lights are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and are also inexpensive to replace, while providing an average lifespan of about 1,000 hours. But these lights also generate a lot of heat and thus waste energy in providing a beam that definitely falls short of today's high-performance lighting options both in light intensity and diffusion.

LEDs (light emitting diode) have become extraordinarily popular in recent years because they produce a light intensity that is nearly double that of halogen, while drawing significantly less power and lasting up to 30 times longer. Why is that important, you ask? Well, beyond the whole better seeing thing, when you add extra electrical-drawing components like winches or high performance stereo systems, everything can start taxing the vehicle's battery. So, having lower power-drawing lights definitely helps. Plus, LEDs are not filament based - instead using a small electrical circuit that emits light when energized which adds to durability. They also throw a more focused beam, and have a quicker response time on taillights, giving them a higher safety rating. Not to mention, the cost of LED lighting has decreased substantially which definitely aids their popularity. LED lighting is offered in many different styles - from mild factory like to wilder type designs - giving you the choice of customizing your vehicle's look whether it is headlights, taillights or auxiliary.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights contain a mixture of gases and rare metals that produce a bright white or blue light when heated with no light flicker. This also generates a light quality that is two to three times brighter than halogen with a life span about twice as long. For Jeep vehicles, HID lighting is offered mainly in auxiliary lighting such as driving or fog lights as the powerful super white light has a wide and deep throw to help illuminate your way in the darkest of conditions.

Besides the lights themselves, Quadratec also offers an extensive inventory of lighting accessory options such as mounting kits, wiring, bulbs, shields and covers - all designed to keep you safe and well-lit no matter where your travels take you.

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