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Hauk Offroad Predatör Series Front Bumper
Quadratec Brute Strength Aluminum Winch Ready Bumper

Pure performance with functionality, style and the ability to protect whether you are driving the urban jungle or a rocky trail. Such are the benefits when you replace your frail stock bumpers. See, the plastic factory bumpers simply are not strong enough to perform and protect when you take the vehicle into more demanding conditions. Upgrading to an aftermarket front or rear bumper allows you the ability to customize the vehicle to the look you want, while providing superior protection that can stand up to the rigors of any driving adventure.

But that's not all. Many of today's aftermarket bumper solutions offer a variety of customizable options such as center hoop protection, winch plate mounts, skid plate attachments, attachment points for D-rings and recovery straps, auxiliary lights, stinger bars, and optional tire carrier mounts. All of this gives you the flexibility to add the exact accessories you need for the performance you require. Aftermarket bumpers are also designed to maximize ground clearance and approach angles - giving you the freedom to pretty much 'go anywhere' and 'do anything.'

These days, aftermarket front and rear bumpers come in a variety of styles including full-width tubular, stubby, mid-width modular, and recovery versions. There are even grille guard options that fit over your existing bumper and will protect the vehicle's entire face. Most tubular designs, along with stubby bumpers, tend to be the lightest bumper types while still retaining strength and durability. Tubular also offers a classic look that many prefer and are a long-time favorite for those who daily drive with occasional off-pavement use. Their full-width design offers plenty of protection for the vehicle's front end - including fenders and tires. Stubby bumpers offer a smaller, more aggressive look that many, who frequently rock crawl, love. Their design allows better clearance and gives the vehicle's front tires unobstructed access to rocks, while the shorter and angled sides keep from getting hung up on trail obstructions.

Modular bumpers can also be somewhat lightweight, and allow for multiple accessory options to attach to the bumper's center section - such as center hoop bars, striker or stinger bars, different end caps versions like high clearance, and D-rings. These type bumpers can benefit both the daily driver and off-roader as the bumper offers many different accessory pieces to augment its appearance to fit whatever driving conditions are present. Recovery bumpers are perfect for the serious off-road driver as this bumper offers serious protection from whatever the trail can throw, while giving drivers multiple attachment points for D-rings, lights, and recovery straps. Many even have built-in winch plates to mount all the latest winches.

Rear bumper types can also come in a full width tubular or flat design, a stubby version, mid-width options, and many offer an integrated hitch in addition to an optional rear tire carrier. Adding a receiver hitch to your Jeep gains access to a wide variety of hitch accessories like bike and cargo racks, as well as recovery hooks, and gives the vehicle the ability to tow. Tire carriers allow you to pull heavier tires off the tailgate and mount to the carrier - thus preventing tailgate warping and hinge damage.

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